Left Alaska to Explore the USA!

Tomorrow is never guaranteed. Delaying our dreams may cause them to never happen, so call us crazy or call us adventurous we are going to follow our heartstrings. We love to travel, but when we do, we are always on a schedule rushing through each town, state, or country we visit. No longer! We can take time to enjoy new experiences.

The freedom we will have to explore new places and meet new people is priceless! Trading what we are “supposed to do” for carefree living is what we have worked towards.

We want to do things that we’ve never done before or simply just have the time to go for a walk. We’ve minimized and simplified our lives. No longer cluttered with “stuff” and what a great feeling it is!

We areĀ M2 Enjoying the Now!

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Last updated 1/5/2020

We are not tracking our travels prior to 9/6/19

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